The constant quest for new material combinations and new horizons has been one of Clément's fundamental principles since its inception. Every year, the brand unveils a unique capsule collection, offering a futuristic vision of the collections and highlighting the very essence of creativity and the craftsmanship of Clément's workshops.
Here is the 'Opportunity' capsule collection, exclusively revealed during SILMO 2023. The result of two years of development, these models consist of a unique combination of acetate, melamine, and stones. An interplay of textures and materials that explores distant lands, unveiling itself in a graphic universe that reflects our insatiable desire for exploration 

Amidst the barren rocks, he advances cautiously, groping in the darkness. He brushes against an object partially buried in the sand. A forgotten relic of a miraculously intact lost probe 

Every detail of the barren landscapes is etched with astonishing precision. The rugged rocks reveal their splendor. Enthralled, he becomes aware of the beauty in the shapes and shades that surround him. He then explores his adopted planet with newfound fervor. 

Every majestic mountain, every mysterious crevice, every sparkling star, all appear to him with enchanting clarity. His gaze also turns to the neighboring planets, one by one, with fascination. He contemplates their colors and graceful movements, grasping the infinite diversity and grandeur 



Materials: stones (mica), bio-acetate, melamine, stainless steel

Glasses: Cat 2 AR in durci DIVEL

Soft cases: probe parachute canvas - Strasbourg reintegration workshop

Illustration : Erwan Chouzenoux

Design : Ben

Manufactured at Clément Workshops - Strasbourg - LIMITED EDITION of 50 examples

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