Clément Lunetier


Clément Lunetier It is a one-of-a-kind brand, conceived by two passionate eyewear designers. Tired of the traditional eyewear industry and big brands, they wanted to create and manufacture iconoclastic and customizable models without compromising on elegance or their values. Clément Lunetier was born as a result of numerous discussions about their love for eyewear and their fascination with creativity. These glasses are designed for each individual.

Photo intérieur atelier lunetterie avec les rouleaux et tourets
Clément Lunetier - carte de correspondance - cercle vert et rose


Each frame is a unique blend of original materials (wood, metal...) and is handcrafted in the heart of the Strasbourg workshop, guided by the principle of a commitment to well-executed work. The result? Lightweight glasses designed to complement the lines and contours of the face, respecting the materials used, and crafted for total comfort. Each model is unique, imbued with meaning, aesthetics, and originality. Let's not forget that the product is 100% French and of high quality.


Clément Lunetier believes in reasonable and thoughtful production. To achieve this, we collaborate with local suppliers and prioritize short supply chains. Each frame is crafted individually and on-demand. We have no stock. Therefore, every frame created is worn, and nothing is wasted.

In line with our frames, the brand's environment (style guides, color palettes...) is also developed using the expertise of local artisans and our team.

The abandonment of presentation lenses is an unprecedented stance in the eyewear industry, but one that we deemed necessary. The manufacturing steps involved are too numerous and environmentally harmful. As a solution for taking measurements, we have thought of a simple tool: a reusable ruler made in Alsace.

Photo couleurs du nuancier Clément Lunetier - PLV
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