collection arcade

Asserting the wearer's personality is the purpose of our new collection ARCADE.

In a setting of opaque and colorful acetates, the facial expression line is accentuated by this wooden or melamine insert. The carefully crafted shapes maintain their clean and balanced lines, dear to our intentions, adding this line of vision.

The design of this collection has been pushed to the smallest details. The bio-acetate frame features a polished front, contrasting with the matte insert, while its raw edges reveal the taut lines of the design. Unique work has been done on the backside, which, thanks to its innovative design, brings aesthetics and total comfort to the object. Finally, through its geometry, the temple tip ensures balance and a perfect fit for the wearer.

détail lunettes créateur

The entire collection is designed and manufactured in our workshops in Strasbourg. It is the result of the marriage between the latest eyewear manufacturing technologies and the craftsmanship of our artisans

ARCADE It also hints at a playful world of creation, in line with our customization options. Just like our entire range, this collection is customizable in terms of dimensions, acetate colors, insert materials, and temple colors.

It's up to you to reveal your personality!

détail lunettes créateur

Our acetate colors. 

Couleur lunettes Arcade créateur Noir
Couleur lunettes Arcade créateur bleu
Couleur lunettes Arcade créateur Jaune
Couleur lunettes Arcade créateur Rouge
Couleur lunettes Arcade créateur Vert
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